It’s illegal to intentionally use another company’s trademarks, logos, or designs without the brand owner’s permission. In most countries, counterfeiting is prohibited by law and penalties can include severe fines and even long-term imprisonment. These punishments don't only extend to the producers or sellers of these fake goods, the buyer faces these harsh penalties if caught buying a knockoff product.

It’s illegal

Counterfeiting is the manufacture, sale, import, and export of products that use a trademark, logo, or design identical to another company’s trademark, logo, or design (also known as a brand) without the brand owner’s consent. Counterfeit products are often referred to as “fakes” or “knockoffs”, in simple terms, counterfeit products are imitations of a genuine product.  Counterfeiters con consumers into purchasing what a consumer assumes is an authentic, discounted product. In reality, counterfeit goods are poorly constructed and use low-quality or even dangerous materials. In some cases, counterfeiters display deceptive images of the product and consumers receive a product that looks nothing like what they thought they were purchasing. Stop counterfeits buy authentic. 

It puts your life in danger

Counterfeit products and knock-offs are made in an unsafe and uncontrolled manner using materials that have no safety quality measures in place, In other words, there are no assurances that the materials counterfeiters use to make fake goods are safe. Counterfeit or imitation products do not have to meet the strict product safety standards required by most government agencies or the rigorous performance standards Scicon Sports sets for itself.

Made in Italy means

Italian products have long been associated with quality, high specialization, and craftsmanship - the same qualities Scicon Sports supports in their products (which are made in Italy). Merchandise marked as “Made in Italy” has become decisive for Italian exports and so common worldwide to be often considered as a separate product category. But what does it really mean? In 2009, the Italian law stated that only products that are totally made in Italy (full process) are allowed to don the label of “Made in Italy”.  


Counterfeiters or knock-offs typically use inexpensive and lessor quality packaging to ship their products, some packaging may even include misspelled words, incorrect brand and model names. 


Counterfeit or imitation products are sometimes hard to spot but if you compare the suspected counterfeit product to the product images on www.sciconsports.com, the fake product may appear to be disproportionate, “off” or even slightly altered. Another key factor in authenticating our brand and its products are the accessories offered with purchase, Scicon Sports prides itself in offering top quality accessories with any purchase as stipulated on our website. There is a reason for a higher price point, if find a "steal" on a site that's generally a good indication that it is one. Frame colors and lens hues may differ from authentic products, and product quality may feel flimsy or poor.

If you cannot beat them, join them

It took just six months after the launch of the iconic Scicon Sports Aeroshade at the Tour de France following a subsequent victory on the Champs Elysées with Tadej Pogacar to call Asian bootleggers on the plan to present a counterfeit version.  Scicon Sports is flattered to receive the attention. True to the motto if you cannot beat them, join them, Scicon celebrates the fact that our sunglasses have become icons so quickly and creates a gallery of users of fake glasses that have tagged our accounts on social media.  Scicon Sport celebrates athletes from all around the world and uses a feature on the website that allows users that tag images on social media to get a placement online in dedicated product galleries. With a tight grip on user-generated content, the first bootleg was discovered through this tool on social media.  So if you buy counterfeit Scicon sunglasses and tag Scicon Sports on social media we will be notified. To celebrate all the bootleggers we have created a gallery dedicated to all athletes that celebrate users of fake Scicon glasses from all around the world.  So if you buy a fake, you not only risk your health and a fine but your 15 minutes of fame, too.  Scicon is dedicated to design products of high-quality standards and with our craftsmanship and expertise will be able to spot a fake from miles away.  We will continue what's best for our athletes and create quality products that conform with standards and protect the health of your eyes.