Saddle, Frame and Handlebar bags

Saddle, Frame and Handlebar bags

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some benefits of using a saddle bag are:

  • It can store items such as tools, spare tubes, patches, keys, or snacks.
  • It is easy to access and does not require removing the bag from the bike.
  • It is lightweight and does not interfere with the bike's aerodynamics or handling.
  • It can fit most types of saddles and seat posts. 

Your choice of saddle bag size can depend on the length of your bike ride. For shorter rides, a small bike pouch can hold keys, a multi-tool, a spare tube, and a patch kit. Use a medium or large saddle bag for long rides that keeps more essentials like a mini pump, a tyre lever, and a phone. 

A frame bag that is poorly secured, overloaded, or too big can have an impact on bike handling and pedalling. To avoid any problems, make sure the bag doesn't move while you're riding. Choose a frame bag that fits your frame size, doesn’t touch your knees or feet, and is secured to the frame firmly. 

Frame bags are compatible with most bike frame sizes and types, but not all, as they come in different shapes and sizes to fit different frames. Some frames have more space inside than others; depending on their geometry, design, and cable routing, this can affect the fitment of the frame bag. 

Handlebar bags are perfect for daily bike rides and great for small accessories and personal items. This cycle bag gives you quick & frequent access to items without getting off your bike or stopping. Scicon’s Handlebar Bag has a 2.5-litre capacity and can double as a fanny pack when not on the bike. 

There are multiple types of handlebar bags, but most commonly, they attach with Velcro straps. This ensures that it can fit on any handlebar securely without any scratches or damage to the handlebars. 

Adding too much extra weight to the handlebar can definitely affect the balance and steering while you ride. To avoid this, be sure to distribute weight evenly and position the handlebar bag close to the stem and in the centre. To keep the pouch balanced, don't overfill it.