Bike Travel Bags

Bike Travel Bags

Whether traveling Plane, Train, or by Car take your bike anywhere with complete peace of mind! The Scicon Sports Travel Bike Bag Range is the world's number 1 bike travel bag choice and the preferred cycling travel bag of the world's strongest pro cycling teams. Read more

Designed to fit an entire bike and wheel-set, this cyclist travel bag does not require you to disassemble your bicycle, meaning the handlebars and seat post stay on the bike. When choosing a bike transport bag or travel bike case, there are a few things to consider, and the entire Scicon Sports Bike Travel Bag Range has all your needs covered, no matter your type of bike! A soft-shelled bag packed with protection ensures your bike gets to the destination safely, while the uniqueness of its design allows for effortless packing and mobility. Tried and tested by the world's best pro teams, the Scicon Sports Bike Travel Bag collection is the number one choice for road, triathlon, and MTB bikes. Read less

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Frequently Asked Questions

To fly with your bike, you'll need a bike bag, a hard case, or a cardboard box. Do check airline policies on bicycles as luggage. Scicon offers options like the Aerocomfort, which usually checks in as normal luggage. Choose a solution that requires minimal disassembly, easy packing, and transportation.

Different travel cases have various placements for the wheels. Some have compartments or slots on the sides, while others have separate bags for the wheels. An ideal option is Scicon’s Aerotech, which has a dedicated space to fix the wheel to prevent movement and damage to the case's contents.

Yes, they are! Travelling abroad with your own bike can save you the hassle and cost of renting one. Use bike bags or cases like Scicon's to pack your bike without removing too many parts, keeping the fit and performance of your bike. These bags also provide protection against theft and damage.

To keep your bike safe, pack it in a suitable bike bag or case and bring the necessary tools and accessories. Research transportation options and find the best bag solution for you. Companies such as Scicon make a variety of bike bags specifically designed for all travel.