Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

We have dedicated the same meticulous attention, time, and resources to developing luggage and technical bags for sports travelers, as well as providing a comprehensive range of accessories that seamlessly fit suitcase sizes, offering ingenious solutions to enhance your comfort and security during your travels. Read more

Explore our collection of products, featuring padlocks, luggage tags, cable organizers, and digital scales. Each item has been carefully crafted with valuable insights from champions and athletes, ensuring that every detail is meticulously taken care of. Rest assured, nothing has been left to chance. Read less

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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential travel accessories include a travel document holder to store your passport, tickets, cards, and cash safely and an electronics travel pouch to organise loose cables in your bag. A TSA or any other travel lock that can protect your luggage and gear from theft or tampering is a must-have. 

The right luggage organiser depends on your travel preferences and needs. Some factors to consider are the size and shape of your luggage, how much space you need, and the type of items you want to pack. For example, if you are travelling for cycling, Scicon designs organisers with athletes in mind. 

Yes, most travel accessories are designed to help you pack efficiently and organise your luggage. In particular, the compression packing cubes will cause your clothing to take up less space, and a toiletry bag will ensure that all of your bathroom essentials remain in one place. 

The best packing cubes are durable, breathable, and washable. They should make organising easier and save you space, i.e., some packing cubes are designed to help you pack more by compressing your clothes. These luggage organisers usually come in 3 different sizes for your individual packing needs.

Yes, using a toiletry bag is the best and easiest way to help you pack your toiletries efficiently and conveniently. Toiletry travel bags should have different pockets to store your essentials, preferably transparent interior zippered pockets to see the contents and breathable mesh pockets for wet items.