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Luggage, Suitcases & Trolleys

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Scicon Sports brings you the ultimate luggage and suitcase collection, thoughtfully designed to combine style and functionality in order to guarantee the best possible travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luggage is a personal choice and depends on your needs and budget. A hard-shell suitcase adds more weight because of the material used to form its shell. It is generally more sturdy and can absorb more shocks and knocks. Soft luggage, in comparison, is more durable & light but absorbs fewer shocks.

The standard carry-on luggage size varies depending on the airline and the destination. Generally, most airlines allow carry-on luggage that measures no larger than 55 x 35 x 23 cm, which includes the handle and the wheels. It is always advisable to check with your airline before travelling.

The ideal travel luggage adds convenience to your trip in the form of easy organisation and mobility. This depends on the duration of your trip, your gear requirements, and your mode of transportation. Some common types of luggage for air travel are wheeled luggage, backpacks, and travel duffels.