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Frequently Asked Questions

Blue-light glasses are an effective solution to alleviate eye strain caused by digital screens. Crafted to filter out harmful blue light, these special lenses not only enhance contrast for effortless focus but also safeguard your eyes from the fatigue caused by prolonged screen use. 

Blue light-blocking glasses function by incorporating special filters within their lenses to obstruct or absorb blue and sometimes UV light. When worn during screen usage, particularly in the evening, these glasses aid in diminishing exposure to sleep-disruptive blue light wavelengths. 

You should always wear blue light-blocking glasses when using screens, especially after sunset. They're effective in minimising sleep-disturbing blue light exposure during the evening hours. 

Absolutely! Wearing blue-light glasses while watching TV is recommended because modern screens emit harmful blue light that can affect your eyes regardless of ambient light. Wearing these glasses throughout the day helps protect your eyes from potential damage. 

It is completely harmless to wear blue light-blocking glasses when not focusing on a screen. It is difficult to avoid running into blue light-emitting screens because of how common they are nowadays. Thus, wearing them is a prudent choice overall. 

Pairing the use of a soft, dry cloth or microfiber cloth with a lens-cleaning solution specifically designed for blue light-blocking glasses is the best way to clean your blue light glasses. 

Finding a pair of blue light glasses is easy because they are a product that does not require a prescription; therefore, they can be found in most pharmacies, optical chains, and shops. Scicon Sports also has an entire collection where you can find stylish blue light-blocking glasses for your needs.