Are Aerocomfort 3.0 Bike Bags thru-axle ready?

Yes, the Aerocomfort 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag is thru-axle ready. The bag can fit 12x100mm front axles and 12x130mm up to 142mm rear axles.
Simply remove the quick-release adapters that are inserted in the fork mounts to make space for the thru-axles of your bike.

Can I fit my Gravel bike into the Aerocomfort Road 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag?

    Yes, you can fit a gravel bike equiped with wheels up to 40mm in diameter when deflated.

    Can the Aerocomfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag fit also a road bike?

    Yes, if the size of your road bike is up to 62cm and the handlebar's width is up to 46cm, you will be able to fit your road bike in the Aerocomfort Triathlon 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag.

    Can the Aerocomfort 3.0 Road Bike Travel Bag also fit a Tri bike?

    Yes, with modification to the Tri Aerobar set up. This is also not recommended as the sides of the bag will not be very taunt. For this reason we have a loyalty program in place that will allow you to get the second bag at half off.