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Frequently Asked Questions

Your specific needs and the type of items you want to carry will determine the right size frame bag for your bike. Measure the available space on your bike's frame, taking into account the size of the main triangle. Choose a frame bag that fits snugly into this space without obstructing the water bottle cage or interfering with your pedaling motion. Consider the bag's capacity in liters to make sure it can hold essential items without adding unnecessary bulk. Smaller frame bags are great for tools, snacks, and smaller items, while larger bags are ideal for longer rides or bikepacking, with plenty of room for extra gear. It's important to strike a balance between having enough capacity and avoiding excess weight or interference with your riding experience.

Yes, it is usually possible to use a frame bag in conjunction with a water bottle cage on the frame of your bike. Most frame bags are designed to maximize the available space within the main triangle of the frame, leaving room for a water bottle cage on the seat tube or down tube. However, it's important to check the specific design and dimensions of both the frame bag and water bottle cage to ensure compatibility. Some frame bags may have adjustable or modular features that allow you to customize their placement based on your bike's frame and your preferences. Always check the manufacturer's product specifications and guidelines to ensure a secure and practical fit.

The design and placement of a frame bag's zippers play a critical role in accessibility and ease of use while riding. The best frame bags have strategically placed zippers that allow quick and convenient access to the contents without interfering with your pedaling motion. A well-designed frame bag will often feature durable, water-resistant zippers with easy-grip pulls for smooth operation while riding. The placement of the zippers should also take into account the overall shape of the bag, creating a balance between accessibility and maintaining a streamlined profile.