Scicon Sports presents its newest collection with the new Blue Zero™ eyeglasses range, developed together with leading prescription lens manufacturer Shamir Optical

12 October 2020 - Mussolente, Italy: Scicon Sports, the leader in high-performance eyewear, bags, and accessories for professionals and enthusiasts, presents its new Blue Zero™ eyeglasses range, developed together with leading prescription lens manufacturer Shamir Optical and tested at the highest level in the professional cycling peloton by none other than UAE Team Emirates and Tadej Pogacar, winner of this year’s Tour De France.

Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ eyeglasses were put to the test at this year’s Tour de France by the entire UAE Team Emirates roster, and the results speak for themselves. As professional riders, recovery is of utmost importance, and that includes allowing your eyes to recover after high levels of strain during long periods on the bike. The Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ eyeglasses help protect rider’s eyes before and after the race, blocking harmful blue light rays that are emitted from digital screens.

Light sources from many modern smartphones, computers, tablets and TV screens appear very white and bright as a result of new generation LEDs. Such artificial light sources emit a very intensive and significant peak precisely in the wavelengths of blue and blue-violet light.

Exposure to blue light can cause tiredness, red eyes, and headaches. By reducing the amount of blue light, a restful and protective effect on your eyes is immediately obtained making you feel less fatigued and tired.

Claudio Fantin, Scicon Sports Marketing Strategist and a veteran in the sports eyewear sector, explained the reasons behind the new eyeglasses: “We wanted to create a range of eyewear which helps improve performance at the highest level both on and off the bike, and can also be used by and benefit everyday athletes. Thanks to our close collaboration with the experts at Shamir we were able to develop a performance lens integrated into our stylish frames and use the UAE Team Emirates riders to gather important feedback during the most testing competition on the planet.”

The Blue Zero™ lenses used in the Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ collection are nearly clear lenses that implement a coating specially developed for people that spend a lot of time in front of digital devices and are exposed to harmful artificial blue light. A unique polymer formula locks out up to 98% of high energy visible blue light in the range of 415nm to 435nm, blocking harmful blue light up to three times more than a standard clear lens. By absorbing just the right amount of blue light, Scicon Blue Zero™ protects your health without interfering with visual comfort. Suitable for everyone, recommended for children as well as adults.

UAE Team Emirates is one of the world’s leading cycling teams, while for over two years Scicon Sports has been developing technical sports eyewear. Paired with Shamir Optical, Scicon will use their expert knowledge to give champions including Tour de France winner Tadej Pogacar, Fernando Gaviria, Diego Ulissi and Alexander Kristoff, technical visual support that has never been explored or applied by any team in the world.

The new Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ eyeglasses were introduced at the Tour de France alongside the new performance eyewear models Aerowing and Aeroshade. The Blue Zero™ eyeglass models retail at €150 / £135 / $170 / A$245, and come in four frame shapes to suit a range of size and design preferences. Visit for more information.