Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses

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The answer is always yes. Customer service doesn’t even begin to cover it. We go above and beyond. When you purchase a pair of Scicon Performance Sunglasses, you also purchase a promise that if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it.


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We believe that quality eyewear should be built to last. Find correct replacement lenses, temples and other spare parts like screws and nose pads for your frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunglasses designed specifically for cycling should provide a perfect balance of comfort, protection, and adequate ventilation. To meet these requirements, Scicon Sports specialises in innovation, protection, and sport-performance sunglasses that are made with cyclists' needs in mind.

Yes! Sunglasses for cycling are wise investments for eye health and performance. They are not just for aesthetics but have essential functions, such as enhancing your vision and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, insects, and debris. To perform at your best, always wear sports sunglasses.

Cycling exposes your eyes to dust, wind, and sun. To protect them, you need to wear sunglasses that fit well, cover your eyes completely, and block out harmful UV rays. Choose a design that has a large lens area, giving you greater coverage, & choose good-quality lenses that won't shatter on impact.

Cycling sunglasses are designed to enhance athletic performance by providing clear vision and comfort. They feature quality lenses, lightweight frames, adjustable nose pads, anti-fog designs, and aerodynamic elements, making them an essential addition to any outdoor activity, particularly cycling.

Absolutely! Cycling sunglasses are beneficial for wind protection because they can shield your eyes from wind and prevent them from drying out or tearing up. Additionally, they lessen the likelihood of eye infections or irritations brought on by dust or dirt that has been blown around by the wind.

They are useful when cycling in cloudy, unpredictable weather as they can adapt to different light conditions and environments, such as sunny, cloudy, rainy, or shady. They can also reduce eye strain and glare.