Do you spend hours playing video games after your workout? Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you binge watch Netflix? Do you work long hours in front of a computer? If yes is the answer to one of these questions (and we are 99,99% sure you will confirm) then you are exposing your eyes to harmful blue light.

New light sources from smartphones, computers, tablets and TV screens appear very white and bright because new generation LEDs and artificial light sources emit a very intensive and significant peak precisely in the wavelengths of blue and blue-violet light.

Exposure to blue light can cause tiredness, red eyes and headaches. By reducing the amount of blue light, a restful and protective effect on your eyes is immediately obtained making you feel less fatigued and tired.

That's why we have developed a new collection of Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ glasses together with leading lens manufacturer Shamir Optical, made out of a material that is capable of absorbing much of the blue light, preserving the health of your eyes.



The Blue Zero™ lenses used in the Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ collection are nearly clear lenses that have a coating which is specially developed for people that spend a lot of time in front of digital devices and are exposed to harmful artificial blue light. A unique polymer formula locks out up to 98% of high energy visible blue light in the range of 415nm to 435nm, blocking up to 3 times more harmful blue light than a standard clear lens. By absorbing just the right amount of blue light, Scicon Blue Zero™ protects your health without interfering with visual comfort. Suitable for everyone, recommended for children as well as adults. 


As esports continue to rise in popularity, screen time becomes a bigger factor and players need to manage eye strain and exposure to blue light. While blue light can be beneficial as it helps with alertness and plays a role in regulating the circadian rhythm, it can also be harmful and confront players with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, eye strain and irritability. Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ glasses provide better wellbeing for the eye, helping you react faster and have a higher performance especially playing video games. There are a lot of professional players that use blue blocking glasses in tournaments, at home and in between gaming sessions. Don’t neglect yourself and your own physical and mental health.

Choose Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ eyeglasses and improve your performance.


Headaches, eyestrain and bad sleep can all be associated with harmful blue light. Optimise your health & wellbeing with Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ glasses. Research shows that when exposed to blue light, it takes  an additional 1.5 hours to fall asleep. Designed to help you recover by filtering out harmful blue light to actually help your eyes to relax. Accomplish more by reducing eye strain and blurred vision caused by looking at smartphone, tablet, computer and TV screens. We recommend wearing Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ glasses after your workout and when you relax in front of screens, providing you with better quality sleep and recovery.


We stare at screens more than we sleep, and the trend is increasing as we adopt more devices and services on screens. It is not just gamers that could benefit but also athletes that train indoors in front of screens, being exposed to potentially dangerous levels of blue light. Blue light is a potent suppressor of sleep and the Scicon Sports Blue Zero™ glasses offer a viable protection. Anyone who spends a significant amount of time looking at screens must consider the impact that blue light exposure has on their health and wellbeing.