Scratches Happen

Enjoy peace of mind when you buy a pair of Scicon Sports Performance Sunglasses.

Every pair of Scicon Sports Sport Performance Sunglasses comes with extended coverage to protect your sunglasses from accidental damage. Scratches happen.

Get up to 2 incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.

Because Scicon Sports designs premium eyewear that is made to last we can offer a truly exceptional service for your sunglasses that is unmatched in the eyewear industry.

Who is entitled to the program?

The guarantee extends to original buyer of Scicon Sports performance sunglasses with proof of purchase from or from an authorised Scicon Sports retailer.

What does the program cover and how long does it last?

The Scicon Sports Scratched Lens Replacement Program covers all damages of your lenses from use and lasts a lifetime.

What will Scicon Sports do?

Scicon Sports honours you as a loyal customer of premium Scicon Sports eyewear and will offer a free replacement lens in case you have scratched or damaged your replaceable lenses. Scicon Sports will ask you to contribute with a nominal handling and shipping fee.


Send us an email

  • Picture of the damaged lens
  • Name of the model or the number printed in the sunglass frame
  • Full name & address details

Give us 48h to respond to your request

We will contact you with information on how to claim your free replacement lens within two (2) business days.

Order your free replacement lens

We will provide you with an exclusive voucher code to get a 100% discount on the purchase of one replacement lens of your choice on Each incident is subject to a small service and handling fee.