Replacement Sunglass Lenses & Parts

Replacement Sunglass Lenses & Parts

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At Scicon Sports we understand the importance of keeping your eyewear in top condition. Read more

Our eyewear spare parts range offers the perfect solution for every problem. From replacement nose pads to temple tips, we offer a comprehensive range of replacement parts designed to ensure your eyewear remains always functional.Read less

Frequently Asked Questions does not offer repair services; however, all cycling sunglasses have a curated space in the Replacement Parts section. This offers a wide range of spare sunglasses parts, such as nose pieces, frames, and temple tips, which you can purchase to replace the original damaged part. 

Yes, Scicon’s cycling sunglasses are equipped with the Interchangeable Lens System, which allows you to swap between lenses. On, you can find a variety of replacement sunglass lenses in different colours designed for specific light transmission percentages. 

In order to swap the temple tips on Scicon sunglasses, you don't need any additional tools. You simply have to pull them carefully from their slot. Using adequate strength will make sure that the temple tips will slide out without any risk of damaging the frame.