Men's & Women's Cycling Jerseys

Men's & Women's Cycling Jerseys

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Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a jersey that will keep you comfortable on long rides, there are a few key features to consider:

  1. Moisture-wicking fabric
  2. Flatlock seams
  3. Form-fitting design
  4. Longer back hem
  5. Silicone grippers
  6. Pocket placement

Keeping these important factors in mind when you are shopping for your cycling jerseys will ensure that you are making an informed purchase.

Yes, you can use a cycling jersey as a stand-alone garment. Cycling shirts are designed to be versatile, providing comfort and functionality by themselves. They are typically made of moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, making them suitable for a variety of weather conditions. But for cooler temperatures, you can add a base layer or jacket for extra insulation. The decision to wear a jersey alone or with additional layers depends on the specific weather conditions and your personal comfort preferences while riding.